Prometric Testing Center Set to Reopen on April 16? Should I Be Planning on This?

Prometric Testing Center Set to Reopen

Is your Prometric Testing Center set to reopen by April 16? As of this writing Prometric is closed through April 15th. Unfortunately, some of our tutoring students are scheduled to take exams shortly after this date. They all want to know the same thing.

Will Prometric be open after April 15?


Look to the Powers That Be

Despite its “official” and strict compliance with FINRA regulations around testing, Prometric is not a government entity. Prometric is owned by a private equity firm and would like to be open for business so they can get paid. However, up to this point they have followed the guidelines of the CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). A few weeks ago Prometric announced that they would close until April 15. Is your Prometric Testing Center set to reopen on April 16 then? This now looks overly ambitious.

The federal government has guided for social distancing through April 30th, and if the company is following the CDC’s recommendations we don’t anticipate the testing centers will be reopened in 11 days.


Staying Safe Takes Priority

Above all, we highly encourage our students to prioritize staying safe. It’s quite clear that we are in the midst of what might be the worst of the outbreak. As much as it might seem like your “career is on the line” or that all this studying seems never ending, try to stick it out a little longer. It’s best for everyone to avoid going out except in emergencies. Prometric will not likely extend their “close date” until the last minute. We highly recommend that you continue to study for it. However, although it may look like your test is still a “go”, you should expect that it won’t likely happen.


Deja Vu All Over Again

As an SIE Exam tutor, and a CFA tutor, we have seen these closures across the board. The best that you can do during these times is to continue studying and keep your content fresh. At some point, this virus will pass, or we will find a solution to it. You don’t want to be caught flat footed when that time comes. Keep up your study habits. If you need tips on studying during a pandemic, you’re not alone. We are here to help if you want to book a tutor.

Most of all stay safe and healthy. Good luck!

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