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The Series 79 exam is not easy. With a premium Series 79 tutor, we can help you go from scoring in the 50s on your practice exams, to over 85%. We've done it before. Boost your score and pass the exam. Our head tutor, Jim, has years of equity research experience and runs his own fund. He is a rare tutor with direct (and current) analytical experience for an analytical exam. Get your exam done faster than you would studying on your own. Book a Series 79 exam tutor today!

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Jim Moore - Head Tutor.


Jim is our head tutor with well over a decade of tutoring experience. He specializes in private tutoring for the CFA exam, the SIE exam, the Series 7 exam, the Series 79 exam, the Series 86 exam, as well as finance and economics courses at the undergraduate level. Jim has worked at a number of investment banks on Wall Street, and currently runs his own investment business. He has a passion for teaching and has been a tutor for financial services professionals for years.

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List of Topics Covered with Your Series 79 Tutor

Understand Analysis and Evaluation of Data
Learn the Fundamentals of Financial Statements
Analysis, Modeling, and Valuation
Company Analysis/Stock Price Determination
Using Comparables/Multiples for Analysis
Financial Analysis (e.g., LIFO, FIFO, Accelerating Depreciation, etc.)
Ratio Analysis

What You Get With a Series 79 Tutor

Series 79 tutor signWhat we offer.The Series 79 exam is much more analytic in nature than most other FINRA exams. For those that have completed the CFA Level 1 exam, there will be significant content overlap. At P.E.T. you can be sure that your tutor will be familiar with STC, Kaplan, or Knopman curriculum to help you through the content.

A Safe and Quiet Environment. We start every introductory session in a neutral place like a coffee shop. I've found this ensures that both the tutor and the candidate are both more comfortable, and once we develop some rapport we can relocate if desired.

What to Expect? Your tutoring experience is completely customized, and no two students sessions are typically the same. This is due to our customized approach. We ensure that the needs of each student are accounted for in each session. Therefore, each session is organized by your tutor but informed by the specific skills a student needs to help him/her pass. This can include discussing concepts, practice questions, and even test-taking strategy.


Access to the Tutor Outside Tutoring Hours (mostly for one-off questions).As a bonus, students can email their assigned tutor when they have one-off questions. We may not be able to respond right away but we do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. There is no charge for the time it takes to answer your questions!

Can I also get an online Series 79 tutor from Professional Exam Tutoring? Yes! Many of our students decide to switch to online tutoring after a few sessions. It saves travel time and there is no difference in what you learn. If you are crunched for time and would prefer an online tutor, then book or call to set something up.

Series 79 Tutor:

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