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 The Series 6 exam is short and sweet, but not easy. With a Series 6 tutor, you can accelerate your study time and take your scores from the 50s to a passing grade. We've done it before. Boost your score and pass the exam. Our head tutor, Jim, has years of experience tutoring FINRA exams and runs his own fund. He is a rare Series 6 tutor with direct (and current) experience when it comes to investment companies. Get your exam done fast. Book a Series 6 exam tutor.





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Jim Moore - Series 6 Tutor


Jim is our main Series 6 tutor with well over a decade of tutoring experience. He specializes in private tutoring for the CFA exam, the SIE exam, the Series 7 exam, the Series 79 exam, the Series 86 exam, as well as finance and economics courses at the undergraduate level. Jim has worked at a number of investment banks on Wall Street, and currently runs his own investment management business. Importantly, he has a passion for teaching and has been a tutor for financial services professionals for years.

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List of Topics Covered with Your Series 6 Exam Tutor

Understand Customer Accounts (e.g., new account forms, authorizations, etc).

Trade Execution and Investment Risks

Offerings (e.g., Securities Act of 1933, Registration Process, Exempt Securities, etc.)

Investment Companies

Variable Products (E.g., Life Insurance, Variable Annuities, etc.)

Investment Strategies


What You Get With a Series 6 Tutor from Professional Exam Tutoring

What we offer. Our "in-person" Series 6 tutor offering is similar in nature to our SIE exam tutor offering. Since this is a short exam, students can expect to tutor anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks on average before being ready to go. Additionally, it's important to note that there will be significant content overlap for those that have completed the SIE exam. At P.E.T. you can be sure that your Series 6 tutor will use STC curriculum to help you through the content.

Where to Study? For safety reasons, your Series 6 tutor will first meet you in a neutral setting. The first lesson is typically at a coffee shop or office space. If you prefer to study out of your home but don't want an online tutor then we can relocate after the first or second session, as long as everyone feels comfortable with that arrangement. The environment is important, and helps maintain focus. I usually leave this up to the student after our first meet-up. The student is much more informed as to how he/she focuses best.

What to Expect? Your Series 6 tutor experience is completely customized, and no two students' sessions are the same. This is due to our customized approach. We ensure that the needs of each student are accounted for in each session. Therefore, each session is organized by the tutor but informed by the specific skills a student needs to help him/her pass. This can include discussing concepts, practice questions, and even test-taking strategy. Our tutors know the most difficult concepts, and can advise you on where to begin.

What Else?

As a bonus, I allow students to email their tutor when they have one-off questions. Tutors may not be able to respond right away but they can get back to you typically within 24 hours. There is no charge for the time that it takes to answer your questions. The tutors also offer advice for those curious about career options.

***Online tutoring for the Series 6*** Our most popular offering is the online offering. Due to popular demand, many of my students decide to switch to (or start with) online tutoring. If you are crunched for time and would prefer an online tutor, then book or call to set something up.


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We can't recommend STC enough when it comes to Series 6 prep. Fortunately, they aren't the only game in town, but have some great practice questions with their online packages. Therefore, try STC, but also take a look at others like Knopman Marks too. Either way, with our tutors, we flush out whether you truly know the content in-depth, or not. No matter what provider you go with. What we can do is help you fill in the gaps left by the online courses. Book one of our tutors today to find out how!

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