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                                                                                                             An online CFA tutor has two major advantages:

                                                                                                             1) No commute necessary (time is money!), and;

                                                                                                             2) Get access to the same CFA tutoring content for less money!

Get Tutored for the CFA Exam Online

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"My tutor is Jim and he has been phenomenal! I am studying for the CFA and he is a great help through the process."


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Many small cities  don't have CFA tutors that can meet in person. Is your city one of those? No problem! At Professional Exam Tutoring I happily offer an online CFA tutor option for those that need it. I have tutored many students for the CFA exam online and in person. The online sessions are the most flexible. There is no charge for last minute cancellations, and "screen sharing" options make the session as good as being in the same room.

The online CFA tutor route benefits those with busy schedules. I have tutored students with demanding jobs, kids, and international needs. Take a look at our services and book a tutor to learn the CFA curriculum without leaving your house. Feel free to reach out if you would like to hear from my references. Good luck!

List of Topics Covered with Your Online CFA Tutor

Quantitative Methods                                                       Corporate Finance

         Fixed Income                                                  Financial Reporting & Analysis

           Equity Investments                                         Ethical and Professional Standards

       Derivatives                                                              Alternative Investments

Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning                              Economics                 


What You Get With an Online CFA Tutor

When you sign-up for an online CFA tutor with me here at Professional Exam Tutoring, you get more than just a face on a screen. My goal is to make the experience as interactive as possible, and ensure I can answer as many questions as you have. The major benefit to online tutoring is that you can take me anywhere. When your boss encourages you to take the exam, but you have a busy life, an online CFA tutor can help alleviate stress. 

What to Study? As an in-person or online CFA tutor, I will help you develop a study strategy specific to your needs. Depending on your education, and job experience, different sections will need different focus. I can help you nail down specific subjects, and know where to you should spend your energy. Without giving too much away, I can tell you right now that whether or not you have a background in accounting/finance/investments, the Financial Reporting and Analysis section for CFA Level 1, for example, is an area where time would be well spent. 

What to Expect? Similar to the in-person experience, I dole out customized notes for every session we meet, and for each topic we cover. We will review example together typically via the "screen share" option online, or I will directly send you examples from the text. After we review the notes and examples, we will certainly do some practice questions. The CFA exam requires repetitive review of practice questions so we will cover a lot of questions in the tutor sessions.

What else? Similar to my in-person bonus, I allow students to email me when they have the odd question come up. I try to get a response back to you within 24 hours, but please be patient. 🙂 There is no charge for the time it takes to answer your questions. If you also want some guidance or ideas about job possibilities, I'm happy to discuss that too. I have been in the financial services industry for well over a decade and can help illuminate what job possibilities are realistically available to you based on your background/education.

What if I would prefer in-person tutoring? Totally understandable. If we are in the same geographic area, I'm happy to meet up. I have a 1.5 hour minimum, but beyond that in-person tutoring sessions can be great. I encourage online CFA tutoring for those with hectic schedules and long commutes. If you are not at a loss for time then check out my option for CFA tutors in New York City.


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