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Where Do I Find My P.E.T. Series 7, MBA, Economics, or CFA Tutor?

Professional Exam Tutoring is based in Manhattan but I tutor people all over the country. Locally, for in-person sessions, I have a 1.5 hour minimum as a CFA tutor, SIE exam tutor, Series 7 tutor, or more generally for MBA/undergrad courses. Our online minimum is 1 hour. Please feel free to reach out! We are more than happy to answer questions whether or not you want to use our services. 🙂

Check out our blog for additional insight into the Series 7 exam or CFA exam. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the material from any one of your courses, just know that you're not alone. That is a very common feeling, and one which we hear all of the time. Contact us for a quick consultation, or a two minute discussion to see where you're at, and if you're on the right track. We can't wait to hear from you! Good luck studying in the meantime!