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Welcome! If you are in the market for a CFA Tutor Chicago has some of the best. CFA candidates will benefit from our years of experience. We primarily offer online services for Chicago but if you would like to become a CFA tutor in Chicago, please reach out. We are looking to hire more! For a CFA tutor Chicago, check out our services below.

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Jim Moore - CFA Tutor, SIE Exam Tutor, Series 7 Tutor


Jim is our head tutor with well over a decade of tutoring experience. He specializes in private tutoring for the CFA exam, the SIE Exam, the Series 7 exam, as well as finance and economics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Jim has worked at a number of investment banks on Wall Street, and currently runs his own investment business. He has a passion for teaching and has been a tutor for financial services professionals for years.

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List of Topics Covered with Your CFA Tutor

Quantitative Methods
Fixed Income
Equity Investments
Alternative Investments
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning
Corporate Finance
Financial Reporting & Analysis
Ethical and Professional Standards

What You Get With a Chicago CFA Tutor from Professional Exam Tutoring

cfa tutor chicago calculator and textPersonalized Attention. Professional Exam Tutoring offers personalized notes and one-on-one sessions to make sure that the lesson is completely customized to your needs as a CFA candidate. We will review lessons and notes straight from the CFA Institute's texts. I provide candidates with condensed notes and carefully crafted lessons to ensure the key points get covered.

A Safe and Quiet Environment. I start every introductory session online. I've found this ensures that both the tutor and the candidate are both more comfortable, and once we develop some rapport we can relocate if desired.

A Highly Skilled Tutor. The CFA tutor Chicago has on offer has worked in financial services, and studied the subject extensively. In addition, he or she has an extensive background as well as educational experience, in the field of finance. If you prefer your Chicago CFA tutor to be our head tutor, Jim, then your sessions will have to be online. That said, you can be sure that you will be working with him every time, and that you will be learning from one of the best tutors in the country.

Access to the Tutor Outside Tutoring Hours (mostly for one-off questions). The CFA tutors Chicago can offer are great, but many of them can be extremely expensive. We offer competitive rates (check here!) and make ourselves available throughout the week for extra help via email or text. If you are looking for a more personalized approach with your CFA tutor then contact us today!

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CFA Tutor Chicago:

We cover Oak Park, Lake Forest, and other parts of Chicago.