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Why Us?

The Series 66 exam is usually one of the last for many, on the long road of FINRA exams. Unfortunately, it's not necessarily the easiest. With our tutors, you can accelerate your study time and boost your scores in little time. Our tutors can expertly take you through the many topics. For instance, CAPM, present value and future value, the Uniform Securities Act, registered and non-registered securities, and much more. Our tutors, range from former advisors to current hedge fund managers. We deeply understand investment advisers and broker-dealers, and have experience to match. Finish up your exams. Book a Series 66 exam tutor today!

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List of Topics Covered with Your Series 66 Exam Tutor

Regulations for Investment Advisors and Investment Advisor Representatives

Regulations for Broker-Dealers and Agents of Broker-Dealers

Understanding the Uniform Securities Act

State Covered vs. Federally Covered

Ethical Business Practices within the Uniform Securities Act

Regulations Around Communications

Administration of the Uniform Securities Act

Portfolio Management and Analysis

Types of Investments

What You Get With a Series 66 Tutor from Professional Exam Tutoring

What we offer. Our "in-person" or online Series 66 tutoring services include the exact same teaching methods. At P.E.T. your Series 66 tutor is flexible in terms of curriculum. If your employer has provided you with STC, Kaplan, or any others, we can still help you. Our instructors are familiar with other texts too. Hence, you can use whichever you'd like. The Series 66 exam is moderate in length. You will face 100 questions vs the 125 for the Series 7 Top-Off Exam. Students typically take between 4 and 6 weeks on average to study for it.

Where to Study? Your Series 66 tutor will first meet you in a neutral setting, if not online. The first lesson is typically at a coffee shop or an office space. In most cases we will aim to tutor at the public library. The environment is important, and helps maintain focus for instance. I usually leave this up to the student after our first meet-up.

What to Expect? Your tutoring experience is extremely important to us. Hence, it is completely customized to your needs. Consequently, no two students' sessions are exactly the same. Our sessions can range from a run-through a difficult practice exam questions to a full tutorial on the Uniform Securities Act for example. Each session is prepared by the tutor but informed by the student's needs. This is coordinated when the student and tutor touch base before the session. The lesson often includes discussing concepts, practice questions, and even test-taking strategy.

What Else?

As a bonus, students can email their tutor when they have one-off questions. If you have many questions, Jim is a good target 🙂 Tutors may not always be able to respond right away. However, most can get back to you typically within 24 hours.

***Online tutoring for the Series 66*** Our most popular offering is the online offering. Due to popular demand, many of our students go with online tutoring. If you are crunched for time then book an online tutor.


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STC and Kaplan are our recommended texts when it comes to Series 66 prep. As a result of both of their pristine reputations we use them both consistently. These aren't the only content providers for the Series 66 exam. But, they do both have some great practice questions. Additionally, coupled with robust study material, our tutors can help boost your score and your confidence. Overall, our goal is to get you over the finish line. So, regardless of what textbook company you go with, we can help. Book one of our great tutors!

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