Series 79 Study Material: Are You Studying with the Right Stuff?

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Today, I’d like to share with you what I believe is the best Series 79 study material out there. Your study material can make all the difference in the world. Specifically, it can be the difference between a pass and a fail. Consequently, a pass or fail can be the difference between keeping your job or losing it. Hence, it matters.

Despite its importance, employers typically have little awareness of the quality of the study material they provide to their employees. I highly recommend doing your own due diligence. Consider reviews online (Reddit) – our blogs also cover the efficacy of FINRA test prep companies. As an investment banker, you’re already short on time. The last thing you want to do is spend another 30 days studying an exam you could have passed the first time.

So what’s out there?


Series 79 Study Material: What Are My Options?

When it comes to the Series 79 exam, there are a few well known providers. Most well-known are STC, Knopman, and Kaplan. Beyond these few there are several small niche players, but I will disregard them for this post. The reason being that these three players are supplied by employers 90%+ of the time in my experience. It’s also worth noting that Kaplan and STC are among the oldest and most established providers. Their enduring tenure and reputations make them common first choices by investment banking departments. Similarly, despite being a younger company (formed in the 1990s) Knopman has swiftly risen as another established star in the space. Among these three, there is one other player that seems to standout when it comes to Series 79 study material though.


Knopman: Best in Class

Knopman Marks has catapulted itself to among the best providers of FINRA exam study material.  The founder was a former employee at STC and has built a formidable company with high quality study material. The company specializes in a number of areas within the FINRA exam prep realm, but when it comes to Series 79 study material, few do it better. The company’s myriad of material helps significantly mitigate the likelihood of a failed Series 79. What makes Knopman so helpful includes its thorough text and excellent study questions. In our view, Knopman’s content successfully walks the line of being very understandable yet thorough. The company’s practice questions, benchmark exams, and supplements (formula sheet, supplemental notes, etc.) are also great resources.

Knopman also provides in-person training classes. These can be a mixed bag (not for just Knopman, but for any exam prep provider). These classes benefit a certain type of student. Namely, one that can hold their attention spend for long periods of time, diligently take notes, and absorb a lot of information over a long period of time. In other words, it does not include a lot of people, but there still may be tidbits of the classes that are nonetheless beneficial. Like most of these prep companies, the only thing they don’t offer is a one-on-one Series 79 tutor. Of course, that’s where we come in 😉


How Should I Capitalize on Knopman’s Material?

Well for starters, Knopman’s Series 79 practice questions are extremely helpful. When it comes to exam preparation, their practice questions and “Diagnostic Exams” seem to effectively prepare students to succeed. As with SIE Exam study material (or most other FINRA study material), your aim should be to score in the mid-80% range to ensure that you can pass the exam. Knopman’s questions offer the right mix of analytical and definitions. The company helps prepare you with difficult topics. Topics such as calculating EPS (diluted share count) using the “Treasury Method”, determining accretion and dilution after an acquisition, how to account for a stock-only, or stock and debt acquisition, and many other topics involving dividends, EV multiples, and earnings multiples. Definitions and rules are also tested in various ways with plenty of double negatives, and randomized content to ensure you know your stuff. Take the time to go over what you can with this material. It will help.

Overall, there is no “official” Series 79 pass rate out there to my knowledge. However, anecdotally speaking from our tutoring experience, the best you can do is thoroughly study effective material. For this reason, and the ones above, Knopman is the Series 79 study material we recommend. Good luck!

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