Series 66 Exam Pass Rate: Our Best Guess at Your Odds of Success

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The official Series 66 exam pass rate is not published anywhere. We have not found any mention of it by FINRA, NASAA, or any other official body. However, in today’s post we breakdown what our best estimate is based on our students. We describe what we see, what we don’t see, and how to boost your own score.

Let’s dive in.

Series 66 Exam Pass Rate

Before we describe the pass rate we see among students at Professional Exam Tutoring, let’s talk about the actual exam. Here are some quick takeaways for the Series 66 exam:

  • Questions Type: Multiple choice (typically with four choices)
  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Length: 2 hours and 3o minutes
  • Passing Score: 73%

While the passing score for the Series 66 exam is 73%, we don’t believe that the Series 66 exam pass rate for students is that far off. For example, what we tend to see with our students is a higher pass rate (typically 80% and higher). This is due to a few reasons.

First, while we don’t proclaim to be miracle workers, we do know how to teach, connect, and implement best practices to get results from our students. Removing us from the equation, we have also found that the type of student willing to seek out a tutor is generally self-motivated. A self-motivated student willing to put in the time is HUGE. Half the battle is discipline. Many students want to pass, but less want to put in the study time.

Lastly, our students do fairly well because they get “homework” and have accountability. We set goals for our students so they have some structure. They have targets to hit before the next lesson. This can be a major help in keeping students focused, on task, and able to prep in a timely manner for the exam.


Series 66 Exam Pass Rate Without a Tutor

For the students that don’t use a tutor there is a wide disparity in success rates. For instance, there is a large contingent of test takers that never need a tutor and do just fine.

Most of these are highly educated people with business or finance backgrounds. Their pass rate tends to be quite high. Though we do not have any actual data on this group, we would estimate that their success rate is well over 80%.

However, there is another group that we don’t see. This group is comprised of those with little, or no background, in business and finance, and minimal education. As you might guess, this group tends to have a low Series 66 exam pass rate. There is no doubt about it. The Series 66 difficulty level can be high for those without much background on the subject.

Depending on what category you may find yourself in, there are some ways to boost your score.


How to Boost Your Score

One thing that might really help you boost your score if you have no experience with these exams is to take the “corequisites” first: 1) SIE Exam, and; 2) Series 7 Top-Off Exam. While the corequisites do not overlap the Series 66 exam entirely, you will definitely see plenty of the same content between all three exams. The overlapping content will give you a major step-up in your study process. Not only that, but you will be familiar with how other FINRA exams are tested. If you have to take the Series 65 or 63 exam, you will also see serious overlap in both of those with the Series 66 exam.

In a nutshell, our best estimate is that the pass rate is somewhere around 60-70%. Many won’t need help from a Series 66 tutor, while those without much background might find it helpful to seek us out. Either way, we wish you good luck!

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