Career Opportunities for CFA Charterholders

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Are you looking for a career upgrade? Or, quite simply a career change? Either way, the career opportunities CFA Charterholders have access to are many! If you are just starting out in your CFA studying journey, then you have a long road ahead, but a rewarding one!

Career Opportunities for CFA Charterholders:

Here are some of the many roles that a CFA Charterholder can get:

  • Buy-side Analyst
  • Sell-side Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Institutional Equity Sales
  • Credit Analyst
  • Vice President/Corporate Finance
  • Chief Financial Officer

Of course it’s possible to get many (if not, all) of these roles with the CFA designation, but you would still need some of the basics. For example, introductory accounting or corporate finance courses at a minimum. Accounting is the language of business and you need to know it to get by. True fundamental analysis will require at least intermediate accounting knowledge.

As an analyst in wealth management for portfolios focused on mutual funds, ETFs, or commodities, accounting will be less of a necessity. That said, you still won’t be able to get away from the necessary number crunching.

CFA Level 1 is Sufficient to Get You Started

Some students don’t think they are ready to transition careers until they finish all three CFA exams. This is simply not the case. When you have enrolled for the CFA Level 1 exam, you have already shown your potential employer your commitment to strive higher. Seeing “CFA Level 1 Candidate” on a resume is good enough to peak an employers interest. It communicates that you are willing to try something difficult, and have ambition.

Completion of CFA Level 2 Indicates a High Level of Competence

After completing CFA Level 2, candidates have finished what is arguably the hardest of the three exams. If competence was a question for your potential employer before, it should be less of one at this point. The career opportunities CFA Level 2 success offers are similar to those of Level 3 in my opinion. Passing Level 2 highlights one’s ability to succeed on difficult standardized exams. It also highlights the determination needed to absorb the content. The entry level positions that open up range from Equity Research Associate (sell-side) to Equity Analyst (buy-side). Analyst roles in investment banking are also possible here, but often times your degree matters as well.

Career Opportunities CFA Charterholders Have Sounds Good!…But How Do I Find the Time?

Ah yes, the million dollar question. Every level of the CFA exam requires hours and hours of studying. The career opportunities CFA charterholders have available to them is often worth it. Taking an online course or using an online CFA tutor will improve your odds of passing. If you prefer to meet someone in person also consider the CFA tutors New York City has to offer if you live in the area. Most large cities have their own supply for you to book a CFA tutor as well. Most importantly, try to carve out at least 2 hours per day for studying. If you are already in a job that deals with the material you have a leg up. Otherwise, try waking up a little earlier, or studying over your lunch hour. The career opportunities a CFA designation allows for will make all that time well spent!

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